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Keeping our jobs in France and our competitive edge: it can be done! To achieve this, at the MAINE Group we rely on the technical skills of our staff who have several decades' worth of experience under their belts. An expertise which, through a voluntary training policy, guarantees our teams' performance and innovation in new processes or new products. This forward-looking approach backed up by our traditional strengths is also applied in terms of ecological and environmental concerns. For the MAINE Group is closely involved in the ambitious ten-year programme VinylPlus. Conducted by the European PVC industry, this voluntary commitment is a responsible response to the European objectives for sustainable growth and PVC recycling.


Our company has taken on board the environmental management initiative which is based on standard ISO 14001.

This commitment to responsible practices (for example waste sorting, waste prevention policy and recycling of profile scrap) and our consideration of energy issues associated with the "Grenelle" French Environment Act reflect the way we really behave in practice! Such corporate ethics are also practised alongside trade unions like the SNEP, SNFPSA and SNFA.

Social stability, long-term economic outlook and ecological commitment: these are the three sustainable development goals that the MAINE Group works with confidence towards on a daily basis.


Groupe MAINE
13 rue du pas
BP7 F-53300 Ambrières
Tél : 00(33)2 43 30 15 70
Fax : 00(33)2 43 30 15 99
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    13 Rue du Pas
    BP 7
    F-53300 Ambrières les Vallées
    Tél : +33 2 43 30 15 70
    Fax : +33 2 43 30 15 99

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