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The MAINE Group is a major stakeholder in the plastics manufacturing sector (extrusion) and equipped with a comprehensive industrial process. We specialise in the design and manufacture of thermoplastic profiles for the fencing, doors & shutters and thermal break markets.

Through its different brands (Maine Clôtures, Maine Fermetures, Maine Plastiques, Maine Linea, Maine Peillex and Nida Maine), the MAINE Group offers a multifaceted, coherent range that helps to improve comfort and safety and save energy. What's more, our approach to innovation in terms of new products and improving their manufacturing process is based upon these very principles.

Starting out as a specialist in the extrusion of thermoplastic profiles, the company has extended its expertise and branched out into other markets. Gates, fencing, shutters and garage doors for the general public and doors & shutters for the construction market (social landlords, property developers and local authorities).

Key dates for the MAINE Group

1962: Somaplast is founded (Société Maine Plastiques)

1964: Production gets underway with 2 extruders. Manufacture of PVC profiles for the construction industry.

1966: Maine Plastiques becomes a manufacturer of PVC doors & shutters.

1972: Maine Plastiques extends its expertise to encompass PVC gates and fencing.

1981: The extrusion of PVC profiles is subcontracted out for the first time.

1989: Takeover of Terrasse Production, specialist in doors & shutters for the construction sector

            Maine Plastiques is attributed the NF 132 mark.

1990: The legal entity becomes Maine Plastiques.

1993: ISO 9001 certification is awarded.

1997: Takeover of Peillex Plastiques SA, specialist in plastic extrusion

1998: Acquisition of Voltalu, manufacturer of exterior shutters, fencing and gates in aluminium.

2001: Acquisition of Fermetures Pallaud, manufacturer of sliding louvre shutters and exterior shutters in PVC.

2002: The Group becomes the leader for the extrusion of PVC profiles for thermal breaks.

2003: The MAINE Group is founded.

2007: The Nida Maine project gets underway. Design and production of the PVC honeycomb panel.

2013: The Maine Linéa business is founded.

The Group is organised around three lines of business

Thermoplastic profile extrusion and its market applications.

- Design and manufacture of gates, fencing and screens, shutters and garage doors for homes.

- Design and manufacture of doors/shutters and blinds/shades for the construction sector (shutters and louvres for example).

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