Our innovations

Innovation for the benefit of end customers

We innovate in response to 4 main objectives which reflect our corporate ethics and the most topical of our customers' concerns today:

Optimising and choosing the right material for the right place - "the right product" which is ultimately good value for money and environmentally friendly: streamlining the manufacture of products and optimising moving parts.

Looking for ways to save energy. Innovations which particularly stand out in the manufacture of sliding louvres or shutters in a High Environmental Quality approach (Percolux, Maine fermetures) and exterior shutters with an R value at the cutting edge of current market availability. But also honeycomb structural panels in PVC (Nida Maine) which can be used in a wide range of applications.

Custom design. Through its brands Maine Clôtures and Maine Fermetures, the MAINE Group can provide a comprehensive and coherent range of products for a harmonious design throughout your property. If the single gate, double gate and its coordinated fencing are very much part of a home's overall look, then why not match the garage door and shutters too? 

User-friendliness.  End customer service is our goal at MAINE Group, and with this in mind we offer tailored, functional and attractive-looking products such as our range of integrated motor systems.

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